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Quite simply I’m a proud mum of two active daughters.  When I’m not running around after them you’ll find me playing as much tennis as I can possibly get away with!

I’m definitely no tennis champion and I don’t have a tennis pedigree to boast about but what I have learnt from my tennis journey is that if you look good, you feel good and ultimately play good … and this is why I created Love All Tennis.  It all started with the Tennis ... and then I added the Tote!

Why a Tennis Tote?

It’s all about empowering women in the world of tennis. Together lets make it our mission to decorate our courts and clubs with something far more beautiful and feminine than the usual tennis rucksack or racket bag. It’s the perfect style statement and can hold your racket along with all the other tennis paraphernalia you take onto court.  The “love all tennis“ tote has been designed by a woman who loves tennis, for all of YOU who share this passion for tennis (and bags!).

I hope you all agree that this bag is stylish, practical and versatile.  It’s an ideal match for any tennis player or fan but ultimately it can be taken anywhere and used for anything, ... the gym, shopping and even to the beach.  Otherwise just buy the bag and make it your excuse to start playing tennis as it’s never too late to learn.  I promise it will make you happier and healthier just like it did for me.

Like any new business there have been highs and lows along the way, a little bit like my game of tennis! But I’m now ready, and super excited to smash it and share my tennis tote (and other tennis accessories) with you all.



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